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Tricks Used By Casinos For Players To Keep Betting

There are things that may seem normal in casinos but they are marketing tools. They are tricks to ensure that players bet on their last coin.

Instead of using cash, casinos use chips because chips have different colors, and are easier to identify than money. However, that is only one of the reasons for using the chips. The other reason is psychological, so people don’t feel a significant loss when they lose chips instead of money.

People attribute great value for money, compared to chips. Therefore, casinos prefer people gambling with chips rather than physical cash, to trick people into believing that there is less risk in gambling. This is because the chips have no value, rather than money, which no one wants to see disappear.

Why do casinos give freebies available

There are always free gifts for players at casinos. These gifts can come in the form of food or drinks, and some casinos even provide free accommodation. This is a trick used by casinos to make players believe that they have equalized their losses when they lose.

Free food, drinks and accommodation for players is also another way casinos make sure players do not leave their premises before placing a bet on their last coin. When drunk, people tend to gamble more, and when their stomach is full, they feel comfortable, therefore, staying longer in the casino.

Why do casinos have bright lights and stimulating sounds

It is not by chance that most casinos have bright lights, stimulating sounds and music. Those lights and sounds are part of casino hoaxes. The bright lights make the players comfortable to bet, as they feel safe. This is the reason why casinos have very bright lights.

Stimulating sounds give players motivation and make them think they are going to be winning in minutes. This keeps them playing. A nice combination of bright lights and the right sound puts players in the right frame of mind to keep gambling; therefore, casinos know this trick and use it to make sure that players bet on their last coin.

Why do casinos have a specific smell

Aroma is used by many companies around the world to distinguish their products. Similarly, casinos create a unique scent, so that players can associate the scent with them. This idea makes sense since marketing once a person smells the smell, which reminds them of the product or the place.

People are triggered by the sense of smell and casinos have mastered the art of making players bet more by having smells specific to their casinos. Once the person steps into the casino and recognizes that particular smell, their mind tells them what to do next; to play. And that is precisely what they do.

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